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Get a free introductory consult to your home to explore:

  • Your garden concerns
  • New possibilities for your garden
  • What a garden design could do
  • The process and cost for your situation.

Garden Design Melbourne

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Get some help from a Melbourne Landscape Designer  with with a Passion for Places with Plants – for People.

  •         Improve the appearance of your garden
     You can have a beautiful, stylish garden that will delight you when you look out the window or when you are returning home. It will be a joy to collect the mail each day. Be surrounded by a landscape that will have an uplifting effect on how you feel when you see it or are immersed in it.
  •        Improve the functionality of your outdoors
     Have your outdoors integrated as a functioning whole so that places for storage, bins and clothes lines are taken care of and easy to access, without being prominent features. Consider growing your own food and use plants to protect and shade your home.
  •        Extend the living area of your home
     Create or improve areas outside that truly become places you want to spend time in. They can become important places to sit, entertain, dine, relax, play or retreat to. A garden can be a wonderful play space for children, whether it’s for active, exploratory or passive types of play.
  •        Improve the value of your home
     It has been well documented that a well designed and presented garden increases the value of your home. This not only in monetary terms, but green places have been demonstrated to aid in the health and well being of people.

Arcadia Sustainable Design will help transform your front yard or back yard into beautiful and functional parts of your home.  They can be outdoor living areas that will improve your lifestyle as well as the value of your home.

A thoughtful landscape design can integrate the garden with your home, introducing some style, fun, colour, life and functionality. It should be an important place where you will enjoy spending time – with family, friends or as your own sanctuary.

If you have an outdoor space in Melbourne that needs some landscape design – from a small courtyard to an expansive estate –  you can have a tailored service that suits your needs, from a garden consultation to a full landscape planting and building plan package.

Our philosophy is to design gardens that not only look and feel wonderful but are sustainable.

A sustainable garden is one that:

  • is not wasteful with resources such as water, energy and materials.
  • considers its impact on the local and global environment.
  • provides opportunities to grow plants for food or other uses.
  • includes plants appropriate for the garden’s position and climate
  • gives you maximum reward for less effort.

A sustainable, water wise garden can be an oasis – a cooling sanctuary in parched summer months or a sunny refuge in cooler times.

A sustainable garden is great for encouraging some local biodiversity such as birds and butterflies. This can be done by including Australian native plants, particularly plants indigenous to the Melbourne area.

An indigenous bush garden can be very casual and organic. However, the same plants can be very effective in a very formal garden. It’s all in the design!

Call Gary if you are considering a garden consultation or garden design, Melbourne Metropolitan area.

Gary Shadforth – Arcadia Sustainable Design – 0431 022 953