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Sustainable Gardening – The basics of successful a garden

This is a series of articles on the basics of growing garden plants without suffering the ignominy of them dieing on you.
Growing a sustainable garden isn\’t too hard once you get a bit of a feel for what plants need and how those needs might vary.
A few other general musings might also find their way in.

Know your Garden

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Waterwise planting design at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Water wise gardening 2 Happy plants in the right place Within your garden, you are likely to have a range of microclimates. A south facing wall will collect the wettest weather and is more protected from the warmer drying winds and sun from the north. If you have any plants that are not drought tolerant and [...]

Choosing Plants That Won’t Die

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Plantings at the Volcano Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Water wise gardening 1 The best way of having a waterwise garden is to have plants that don’t have much need for water in the first place. This can be irritating advice if you have a much loved garden that is shrivelling before your eyes through summer drought. If you are planning a new garden [...]

What Plants Need

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What do plants need to live

If you are not a confident gardener, growing plants can be a bit intimidating if they don’t grow the way you think they should or if they just keep dying.  It can feel like a personal slight.  It is also very dispiriting is something that you nurture and care for lives a short feeble life.  [...]

The Original Arcadia

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The Arcadian or Pastoral State

What is Arcadia anyway – apart from the name of this business? Arcadia is a mythical, idyllic landscape. In classical times, particularly through the Roman poet Virgil, it was described as a place of peace and innocence when people mingled with the gods in the ‘Golden Age’.  Arcadia is portrayed as a placed of gentle [...]

Energy Wise Garden Design

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Shade in summer - sun in winter

Passive Solar Planting During these winter months in Melbourne, you like to get every bit of sunlight you can coming into the house.  If you have rooms with windows facing north, you’d be getting those nice warming rays coming through at a low angle for most of the daylight hours.  This helps warm the home, [...]

What is a Sustainable Garden?

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Vegetable garden in the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

A sustainable garden is simply a garden that will grow easily without excessive maintenance or added resources. This is just a sensible approach of not being wasteful with water and extra fertilisers when plants can be selected that are appropriate for the site and conditions. It also avoids the disheartening plant deaths that occur if they [...]