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How can I fix my garden?

Consider a fresh new garden design to rejuvenate it with Arcadia’s landscape design services. Make your outdoors a beautiful, functional and integral part of your home.

Arcadia will take you through a process to create a design that you will be enthusiastic about. From that landscape design contractors can be arranged to complete the garden as planned.

Why get my garden designed?

With a designed garden, your outdoors become functional and attractive living spaces that integrate with the rest of your home. If well designed, your landscape will improve the capacity and value of your property.

What is a sustainable landscape?

A sustainable landscape is a low maintenance garden, which means high reward for less demand on your time and resources. Your home garden can become a green and healthy refuge for your family and the local wildlife.

How do I design a garden?

– Think about what you would like to do in your garden. Dining and entertaining? Growing food? Relaxing? Playing? What are your priorities?
– What space do you need for each use?
Analyse your site. What is its orientation? Sunny and shady areas?
– What is your personal style? Formal or casual? Traditional or contemporary? Richly planted or more restrained?
– Clothe your spaces with an array of plantings.
– Follow some classic landscape design principles.

Contact Gary for chat about your garden situation and a quote for a landscape design solution, Melbourne Metropolitan area.

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