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Click through the images to see some examples of disaster zones that have been turned into functional outdoor living spaces. Following house renovation or just transforming an old tired backyard

Further completed Arcadia designed gardens showing before and after images

A play and productive garden in Northcote

A modern renovation to a traditional Brunswick home that needed an attractive and productive garden

A rejuvenated garden beneath the shade of a large horse chestnut tree with a new paved courtyard

A front yard is converted to vegetable and fruit gardens , while relaxing and entertaining is in the rear of this newly built home.

A new front and rear garden for a new home. Presenting a welcoming front garden while making best use of space to create garden and gathering areas in the rear.

Small inner suburban gardens that make best use of space to create an intimate and private oasis for entertainment and relaxation.

A 'Peace Garden' at Tinternvale primary School. Incorporating gathering spaces and productive garden in a more attractive and functional landscape.

An inner suburban courtyard build for food and entertaining

Rejuvenation of a suburban back yard and front garden. Creating a stone sitting wall around a semi circular lawn.

A front ornamental garden around a curved lawn, with a formal rear decked courtyard.

After a rear renovation has destroyed the back yard, we create a 'flowing' brick courtyard through a native garden

An inner suburban courtyard designed to make best use of a small space

A new garden after a post renovation trashing. Using raised rusted steel for veggie beds with a sunken gathering lawn.

A suburban backyard with a slope

An intimate courtyard garden in Murrumbeena

A front garden for relaxing and veggie growing in Elsternwick

A play and productive garden in Northcote

A display garden at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, sponsored by Flemings Nurseries

A family backyard garden for rest and play

A brand new family garden to replace the concrete

Rejuvenating a landscape by merging old with the new in a poolside garden

A walk along a rocky creek bed

A high rise rooftop garden

Small front garden and rear courtyard

A new garden post house renovation with an emphasis on productivity

An inner suburban rooftop courtyard

A city rooftop courtyard garden

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