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Banksia spinulosa in flower

May 2012 Banksia Spinulosa

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Banksia spinulosa – Hairpin Banksia

It grows 2 to 3 m high and around 2 m wide, though there are some interesting cultivars available such as ‘Birthday Candles’ which grows as more of a sprawling shrub to 35cm high. Banksia spinulosa is easy to grow with a low water requirement and drought and frost tolerant.

The flower spikes, which can be 20cm long, are are very attractive to nectar seeking birds and so suit a garden that encourages some biodiversity.

It prefers full sun and tolerates some shade. It also prefers free draining soils.

This species is native to the east coast of Australia. The variety indigenous to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs is Banksia spinulosa var cunninghamii. If you want to be sure you are growing the indigenous variety it is best to source it at a local indigenous nursery.

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Gazza July 2, 2012, 11:40 pm

Does it flower in winter?

Arcadia July 5, 2012, 4:43 pm

The flowers only display through autumn, but the ‘cones’ that follow banksia flowers are are feature in themselves. These curious woody structures are the source of May Gibbs’ Banksia Men.
They hold on to their seeds until they are realeased after a wet day after a fire.

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