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Plant of the Month

Silver Wattle

August 2012 Acacia dealbata

If you have been driving around the countryside this month in Victoria you will probably have noticed the glorious splash of sunny yellow wattle flowers.  It’s a rather grand pronouncement that spring is not far away.  The silver wattle, Acacia dealbata is likely to be one of these species, particularly if your drive took you

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Chef's Cap Correa

July 2012 Correa Bauerlenii

Chef's cap correa is one of my favourite landscape plants. Not because it is especially showy or spectacular, but it makes a great low background or filler to allow for some contrasts in the garden. It is an appealing plant in itself however. It flowers right through winter with its dainty, creamy 'chefs cap' bell

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June 2012 Salvia leucantha

Mexican sage is providing some wonderful colour in Melbourne gardens this June.  Its sagey green leaves contrast well with the vibrant, woolly flower stems that appear right through autumn into  winter. Salvia leucantha is a shrubby perennial from Central America that grows to about 1m high and wide. It grows easily in a sunny position

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Banksia spinulosa in flower

May 2012 Banksia Spinulosa

Banksia spinulosa - Hairpin Banksia It grows 2 to 3 m high and around 2 m wide, though there are some interesting cultivars available such as 'Birthday Candles' which grows as more of a sprawling shrub to 35cm high. Banksia spinulosa is easy to grow with a low water requirement and drought and frost tolerant. The

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Sedum 'Autumn Joy' in flower

April 2012 Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' is an easy and efective landscape plant that gives a great seasonal display (in autumn as its name suggests). Its blooms start of as a creamy pink and become a rich rose colour and then end up as a rusty red/copper as the flowers finish. The plant has fleshy, semi succulent leaves

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